Fred Darge Paints the Big Bend and Beyond

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Second Edition: September 1, 2020

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The Outlaw



01. Biography of Friedrich Ernst Darge
02. The Art of Fred Darge
03. Fred Paints His Own Currency
04. Collectors Tell Their Own Stories
05. The Waddy Burnham Ranch
06. The Homer Wilson Ranch
07. The Sam Nail Ranch
08. How the Big Bend Became a National Park
09. Bougainville and Solomon Islands
10. Ghost Towns
11. The Dawson Ranches
12. The Ed Love Ranch
13. The Jess Walbridge Ranch
14. The Jack & Myrhl Frost Ranches
15. Palo Duro Canyon
16. Beyond the Big Bend
17. Chuck Wagons
18. The Remuda
19. Goat and Sheep Ranching
20. Breaking the Broncs
21. The Roundup
22. Texas Longhorns
23. North American Wildlife
24. Horses and Riders


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